Sergeant York: Of God and Country chronicles how Alvin York’s story was brought to the screen in the 1941 film, Sergeant York, starring Gary Cooper. The documentary explores casting decisions, script development, performances, characters, shooting topics, and production problems. It also examines the complex political environment in America, in which isolationism, anti-Semitism, and the war in Europe almost derailed the film. Gary Cooper won his first Best Actor Oscar for his performance. The documentary is narrated by Liam Neeson and written and directed by John Mulholland. Produced by Richard Zampella

The documentary chronicles the complications related to bringing the story of Alvin York to the screen, while addressing in depth the political issues prevalent in America that were working against the making of Sergeant York. It also explores the complex and lengthy development of the script, including Gary Cooper’s integral role in arriving at the final script. Sergeant York: Of God and Country also examines the performances, characters, shooting topics, production problems, and post-release reactions to Sergeant York.

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